Purchase Order Amendment Details
Purchase Order ID : 13625 Pre-PO ID.: test/Tender/rk
Tender Ref No. : test/Tender/rk Tender Description : test/Tender/rk
Tender Type : PublicEnvelope Type : Single Part
Amendment Details
Amendment ID : 1
Original Value Change Value
Indent No. test/Tender/rk test/Tender/rk/5
Indent Date. 31/01/2017 28/02/2017
Budget Head. Revenue Capital
Designation of Indenter SSA SSA5555
Email of Indenter SDss@gma.com S5555Dss@gma.com
USI No. 123123 123123555
Name of Project Station RAPS-1 RAPS-5&6
Offer Ref No. 123123 1231235
Import License Number 123 1235
Import License Date 31/01/2017 22/02/2017
Contract Valid From 19/01/2017 28/01/2017
Contract Valid Upto 31/01/2017 23/02/2017
Scheduled Date of Completion of Work/Supplies 31/01/2017 23/02/2017
Purchase Order Category Repeat Order New Order
Total PO Value amount in Rs. 122 1225
Total PO amount in words. One Hundred and Twenty Two Only One Thousand Two Hundred and Twenty Five Only
PO Section Amendment Details
Section Name - Section B Added
HDFCBankCreditCard.pdf HDFCBankCreditCard.pdfAdded