Purchase Order Details

Purchase Order Details
PO ID : 13736 PO No. : 13736 Department : Demo_T_Pune
Date : 03/12/2018 PO Description : rtertertert
Tender Description : rtertertert
(A Government of India Enterprise)

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Purchase Order No. : 13736 Date : 03/12/2018
abc ltd,
Mumbai Maharashtra India
Project / Station : KGS-1&2
USI No. : 453453
Ref. : 4356789
Budget Head : Capital
Dear Sir,

Your offer in the Tender No. 324324234234 to supply the under mentioned Stores is accepted for and on behalf of Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd., subject to the General Condition of Contract governing the supply of Stores, entitled "General Conditions of Contract Governing Supply of Stores" applicable to the contract for indigenous stored placed by the Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd.,( A Government of India Enterprise) and subject to the terms and condition contained in the Purchaser Order, to the extent of the quantity and at the price specified below:
Sr.No. Description Quantity Unit Rate Value
1.0 rtertertert

As per Section-B As per Section-B
General Condition of Contract governing the supply of Stores, applicable to Contract for Indigenous Stores, placed by Nuclear Power Corparation of India Ltd.,(A Governement of India Enterprise) detailed in and this Purchase Order shall be the sole repository of the Contract.
Please acknowledge receipt immediately
Your faithfully,
( b b)
Manager (M)

For & on Behalf of NPCIL
(The Purchaser)
1. Bills should be submitted in triplicate to the Paying Authority at the address as indicated in the Purchase Order alongwith all relevant Documents and as specified in this Purchase Order.
Delievery Instructions:
1. Stores are to be delivered at the place of the delivery stipulated in this Purchase Order on any working day between 10.30 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.
2. No Stores shall be accepted by the Stores unless Delievery Challan giving full details of the Purchase Order No. and Date, Description of Stores, Quantity, Make, Unit and Gross Weight or Net Weight is submitted with the Stores. In absence of any of the above, the Store-keeper shall refuse to take delievery of Stores

Purchase Order No. : 13736

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